Philosophy behind

The philosophy behind my work is represented by the four Vs from my native language of German: 

Vereinfachung,Vervielfachung,Verbindung and Vertiefung; 

simplification, multiplication connection and deepening.

Simplification means finding the quickest way of getting back to our essential selves, to once again be happy, empathetic, and productive.

Multiplication enables us to reach more people in need exponentially.

Connection relates to how we re-connect therapy and art  to return to a previous better state in common.

Deepening is our commitment to counteract digital superficiality and overstimulation and to regain the ability to be present in relationship to our inner self and others


Online-Therapy and Mind Decluttering fall under simplification and multiplication, EMDP College falls under multiplication, and VR-Cinema falls under connection and deepening.