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Immediate Care Unit

Global challenge

Today, the range of mental disorders requiring treatment is growing very rapidly. In the western world, approximately 95% of all trauma therapists live in countries where only 13% of traumatized patients live. In other words, 5% of all trauma therapists cover 87% of traumatized patients in need of treatment, especially those living in the developing world.

The use of digital technologies and the potential for scaling up therapeutic treatments, enables completely new possibilities to arise. The challenge is not only to quickly train people to become trauma therapists, but to digitally design trauma therapy in such a way that it can be applied responsibly and effectively to larger groups of people at the same time. 


EMDP-College has taken up this challenge and has taken a specific trauma therapy which is recognized by the WHO called EMDR and broken it down into individual building blocks. These building blocks distill out essential elements of EMDR and create a treatment algorithm.

The resulting method is called EMDP (Eye Movement Decluttering Program) and the device on which the method is carried is called "backbone-basic". The advantage of the device is that after a very short training period, suitable para-professionals in the health care sector become certified “EMDP-teachers” and can carry out the treatment on patients who need it. 

Suitably trained health care assistants can comfortably treat a minimum of ten patients per day using the equipment. 

Learn more about the online program, which even enables you to start treating while training.

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