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Mind Decluttering

Fear, anxiety, prolonged grief, getting stuck in stressful events, guilt, brooding and excessive alertness are typical examples of mind clutter. Decluttering means to clean, to tidy up, and to organize. Mind Decluttering is the process of cleaning one’s mind, of thoroughly tidying up the inner carousel of thoughts and confusion of feelings, and of thoroughly working on inner mental blocks.

We respond more effectively to our current personal challenges and the longer-term changes in our lives when we see with the eyes of wisdom and insight rather than the eyes of fear. Fear narrows our perspective, darkens our vision, inhibits our learning, and puts us under stress.

Fortunately, we have the ability to adapt our mind to new challenges, and to calibrate and bring it under control. And when we do this, we regain inner robustness, flexibility, and endurance. There are many simple practices that strengthen the paths of wisdom, clarity, and compassion. Mind Decluttering is one of these practices. It represents the essence of effective psychotherapy, translated into straightforward, learnable exercises.

From the very first experience with Mind Decluttering, you will feel a stream of positive thoughts and feelings flowing freely and unhindered through your whole body and mind again. Decisions are easier to make regardless of whether they are big or small.

And when we take better care of ourselves, we are more able to be there for others too.

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